Low Energy Lighting

Low Energy Lighting Solutions that help reduce your overall electricity costs

Low energy lighting is fast becoming the solution for most businesses as traditional, inefficient lighting are phased out.


The traditional light bulb was invented well over 100 years ago and they are extremely inefficient as only approximately 5% of the electricity used by them is converted into visible light. The filament in the bulb is heated up until it glows creating a yellowish white light and these bulbs do not last long as the filament eventually evaporates.


At MCE Electrical we specialise in providing low energy lighting solutions to business of all sizes. We provide businesses with a free survey which will determine your current lighting costs and can help us work out the cost of your installation and how quickly you can start to see a return on your investment.

Survey and assessment of existing lighting

The MCE Electrical commercial lighting audit allows us to gather a variety of information such as the number of the lights in the commercial facility, the position and location of each individual light, and the amount of hours each light is in use throughout the day/week/month/year.


Our survey is a very important first step which allows us to determine your current commercial lighting expenditure and usage. This assessment allows us to work out how much can be saved by switching to a low energy lighting system.


Running costs will be calculated for each type of existing commercial lighting fixture, this information will be entered onto our project sheet and then we will use an appropriate low energy light system to compare against, as well as the projected costs associated with running that system.

The three integral costs associated with running a commercial lighting fixture are known as:

  • Lighting cost per year
  • Cooling cost per year
  • Maintenance cost per year


Our fully qualified team of highly experienced electrical installation engineers are used to working in busy environments such as warehouses, factories and leisure centres and this experience enables us to work around operational limitations.


We have been a business since 1972 and over the years we have built relationships with leading providers of all electrical equipment, we have Access to market leading low energy lighting equipment and we can provide the biggest discount in prices available to any contractors in the North West.

A couple of low energy solutions are:



A simple solid state electronic device allowing electricity to flow in one direction producing a small amount of light. LEDs are still expensive, but they are the most efficient option available and will usually pay for themselves over and over again before they need to be replaced.


Low Energy Strip Lights:


This type of strip light is much more efficient, quicker to light up and gives off a better quality of light than the traditional incandescent strip lights.

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